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Celiac Testing

Celiac testing is an integral part of assessing whether or not someone is genetically predisposed to having celiac disease. Request A Test offers a comprehensive offering of Celiac Testing to assist in the identification of whether you are at risk before committing to an invasive biopsy or a gluten-free diet for the rest of your life. The Celiac Disease Foundation provides useful information about Celiac Testing.



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Request A Test offers highly discounted Celiac Testing packages that bundles commonly ordered tests for greater savings.

Celiac Testing

Per, one out of 133 people in the United States is affected with celiac disease. CD occurs in 5-15% of the offspring and siblings of a person with celiac disease. In 70% of identical twin pairs, both twins have the disease. It is strongly suggested that family members be tested, even if asymptomatic. Family members who have an autoimmune disease are at a 25% increased risk of having celiac disease.

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