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EBV Panel

Epstein Barr's 4 most commonly ordered tests
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Specimen Type: Blood


Epstein Barr Virus Panel

The EBV Panel looks for four types of antibodies to provide a comprehensive screening for Epstein-Barr Virus.  This package includes the Viral Capsid Antigen (VCA) IgM and IgG antibodies, Early Antigen (EA) Antibodies IgG, and Nuclear Antigen (EBNA) Antibodies IgG.  Results from these tests can help determine if a person has had an exposure to EBV and whether their exposure is recent or in the past. 

  • The EBV VCA IgM antibodies are typically present shortly after an initial infection and phase out after 4-6 weeks.  They may be present in low numbers in the event that a latent infection reactivates.
  • The EBV VCA IgG antibodies typically peak around 2-4 weeks after infection and remain present for the life of the person.
  • The EBV Early Antigen IgG antibodies develop early in infection and phase out 3-6 months after infection.  They may become detectable again if the virus reactivates later.  Detectable EA antibody levels usually indicate an active infection.  In some people, these antibodies will be present even if the virus is not active. 
  • The EBV Nuclear Antigen antibodies usually appear several months after infection and remain detectable for the life of the person.

It is important to note that test results should be interpreted by a doctor before making a diagnosis. 

This test is usually ordered when someone is experiencing symptoms associated with Mono to help diagnose or rule out infection with EBV, especially if they have shown negative results from a Mononucleosis test.  Pregnant women experiencing symptoms are often tested for EBV.  While EBV does not typically cause complications during pregnancy, it can be helpful to rule it out as a cause for the mother's illness.  While the tests in this package may be ordered individually, they give a more complete and accurate evaluation when performed at the same time. 

Turnaround time for the EBV Antibody Profile is typically 2-3 business days.

Note: Result turn around times are an estimate and are not guaranteed. Our reference lab may need additional time due to weather, holidays, confirmation/repeat testing, or equipment maintenance.

Incubation Period:

IgM antibodies are typically detectable within 2-3 weeks of infection but may be detectable earlier in some people. These antibodies will typically no longer be detectable 4-6 weeks after infection. These antibodies may be detectable for a longer period in adults.

IgG antibodies will typically be detectable around 2-4 weeks after exposure and will remain detectable for the rest of a person's life. In some people they may be detectable sooner.

Early Antigen IgG antibodies are typically detectable around 4 weeks after infection and fade out after 3-6 months. In some people, these antibodies may be detectable for years even if they are healthy.

EBNA Antibodies are typically detectable around 2-4 weeks after infection and persist for the rest of a person's life.

This package includes:


$316.00 $199.00

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