Benefits of Direct Consumer Lab Testing

November 7, 2011


People who choose to utilize direct consumer lab testing do so for a variety of reasons. Obviously everyone’s testing requirements and medical needs are different, but there are a few core benefits that apply to a majority of people. 

Several compelling reasons to consider using direct consumer lab testing include:

  • Convenient and affordable process. Instead of going to your doctor’s office, paying a copay for the visit, finding out you need STD testing done, waiting for your doctor to order the tests, paying for the tests, and then finally returning to the doctor to pay another copay and get the results, you could save yourself the hassle and do direct consumer lab testing.

This process allows you to order your tests online, go to a testing center during any business hours (no appointment required), and get the results quickly returned to you online, over the phone or in the mail. Then, if desired, you can go to your doctor to receive any necessary treatment.

  • Discreet, confidential service. Getting tested for an STD can be uncomfortable, especially for someone who has a personal relationship with his or her doctor. Save yourself the embarrassment by going through a lab that does direct consumer testing. Your information is kept confidential.
  • Not having to wait for your doctor to be available. Let’s face it, doctor’s appointments can be difficult to get, especially if it’s in peak flu or cold season. If you need STD testing, you don’t want to wait. By going through a direct consumer lab, all you have to do is submit your order online, and then go any time during business hours to get tested. No hassle, no waiting, no stress.
  • Nationally recognized and certified laboratories. When you order direct consumer lab testing, you can rest assured that you will be tested using the latest technology and up-to-date lab equipment. And because these laboratories are located all over the United States, it’s easy to find one near your home.

If you lack insurance, your insurance won’t cover the tests you need, you need results quickly, you want discreet medical testing, or you are looking for a more affordable testing option, direct consumer lab testing may be a great solution for you. You just order your tests, head to the lab, and get fast and discreet results. It’s that easy.  

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