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Coke Drug Test

What is Coke?

Cocaine, or Coke as it's often called, is a stimulant drug derived from the coca plant.  In the early 1900s cocaine was used in a number of medical treatments and was even a part of early recipes for soft drinks.  In modern times, cocaine has mostly fallen out of use in the medical industry although it is still used as an anesthetic for some types of surgeries.  As a street drug, cocaine is most often sold as a fine white powder.  It is commonly referred to as coke or other names including snow, powder, or blow.  There are an estimated 1.5 million coke users in the United States.  Coke is highly addictive.  Frequent users become desensitized to the high that coke causes necessitating the use of larger amounts for longer periods of time.  Side effects of coke use can include paranoia, irritability, nausea, increased blood pressure, involuntary muscle spasms, and irregular heartbeat.  An overdose can cause hallucinations, difficulty breathing, seizures, stroke, heart attack, and may be fatal.  Deaths in the US attributed to cocaine overdose have seen a rise in recent years with an estimated 15,000 deaths in 2019.  With the prevalence of cocaine abuse, nearly all standard drug tests include screenings for cocaine.  A cocaine drug test along with other drugs is a common requirement for school, pre-employment, probation. 

Does a Coke Drug Test also look for Crack?

Crack is a form of cocaine made by mixing coke, water, and a substance such a baking power.  The mixture is boiled until it forms a solid which is then broken into smaller pieces that can be heated and smoked.  Crack is more concentrated than regular cocaine which can cause a high with a longer duration.  This also makes it more addictive.  There have been reports of people who have developed a dependency on crack cocaine after a single use.  Because crack is just another form of coke, it can be detected by any drug test that looks for cocaine.  A drug test for coke will typically show positive results whether the person has used cocaine or crack.  However, test results will not be able to differentiate between different forms of cocaine or specify how they have been taking it.  Taking a drug test for coke is the same as taking a crack drug test.

How do I find a Coke Drug Test near me?

Do you need to order a coke or crack drug test for a family member or loved one?  Request A Test is here for you. 

Are you a business owner who needs a quick and easy way to screen your employees or potential hires for illegal drugs?  Request A Test is ready to help.

Are you required to get a court-ordered drug test on short notice?  Request A Test is the answer.

Request A Test is a national provider for direct-to-consumer drug testing.  This means that anyone can order urine, blood, hair, or saliva testing for coke and other drugs.  We offer individual urine or blood tests for cocaine as well as a variety of panels that test for coke along with other drugs such as marijuana, opiates, and amphetamines.  We work with 2 of the largest certified lab in the US so our customers can choose from over 3600 locations to get the lab testing they need.  We provide drug screenings to companies that need pre-employment, random, or post-accident testing.  Our testing can also be ordered by any individual who needs a test to meet their requirements for work, school, probation, or personal reasons.  If you need help picking a test that best suits your needs, our team is ready to assist you during business hours.  We'll answer your questions and go over your options to help find the drug test that is right for you.  You can place an order in as little as 10 minutes and go to the lab the same day.  Your personal information and test results are kept private and confidential through your password-protected online account.  To get started, just visit us online at or call us at 1-888-732-2348.  In addition to drug testing, we also offer a full menu of lab tests for general health, STD testing, and more.  Whatever type of test you need, Request A Test is the solution.

Why Choose Us?

  • Since 2002, we have a proven track record of offering excellent customer service, affordable pricing with no hidden fees, and our enduring commitment to protect your personal information.
  • No doctor's order? (No problem!) Our national physician network provides the required doctor's order for the lab. Insurance is not needed to order lab testing nor will your insurance company be billed.
  • We are partnered with two of the largest CLIA certified labs in the US, to offer you the latest lab testing technology with prompt and accurate results. (These are the same labs used by hospitals and physicians.)
  • With over 3,600 lab locations to choose from and same day collection, we make lab testing quick and convenient. No appointment is needed. Find your local lab with our location finder.
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