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Request A Test is your source for affordable drug testing.  Whether your testing is for work, court-ordered, school or personal reasons, we make it easy and convenient to get tested.  Choose from a variety of drug panels or individual tests on urine, blood or hair.  Not sure which test to order?  Click on each test for more detailed information.  Order and go to the lab the same day.  Results are private and confidential.

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At this time, Request A Test does not offer DOT (Department of Transportation) certified testing.



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Viewing LabCorp Only

Individual Drug Test


Drug Test - 11 Panel Urine and Alcohol

Medical Professional Profile, Screen with confirmation

Drug Test - 12 Panel Urine and Alcohol

Medical Professional Profile, Screen with confirmation

Drug Test - Adderall (Amphet), Urine

Adderall, Methamphetamine, Screen & Confirmation

Drug Test - Fentanyl Hair

Fentanyl/Norfentanyl confirmation, China White

Drug Test - MDMA Urine

Ecstasy, Molly, Screen with Confirmation

Drug Test - Oxycodone

Screen only; Oxymorphone, Oxycontin, Numorphin, Opana

Drug Test - Spice K2 Urine

Screen with confirmation; Synthetic Cannabinoid, Fake Pot, Incense

Drug Test - Suboxone

Buprenorphine, Screen & Confirmation

Drug Test - Tramadol

Ultram, Trammies, Ultras, Screen with Confirmation

Mushrooms Drug Test

Psilocin, Shrooms, Magic Mushrooms


Dilantin, Diphenylhydantoin, Phenytek
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