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What is Vector-Borne Disease?

    A disease that is transmitted to humans or other animals by insects such as mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, or other arthropods.

    Some examples of Vector-Borne Diseases include

    West Nile Virus


    Lyme Disease

    Rocky Mountain Fever

    Lyme Disease is the most common vector-borne disease in the United States.

    Lyme disease was first recognized in 1975 after researchers investigated why an unusual number of children were being diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in Lyme, Connecticut. The researchers discovered the affected children lived and played near wooded areas where ticks live. They had also found that the children's first symptoms typically started in the summer months, the height of the tick season. Check out the full story here.

    Signs and symptoms of Lyme Disease

    • Rashes- Solid red oval or a bull's eye
    • Fatigue- Seems to take over your body and can be severe. May find yourself needing a nap during the day, or needing to sleep one or more hours longer than normal
    • Achy, Stiff or swollen joints- Your joints may be inflamed, warm to the touch painful and swollen
    • Headaches dizziness, fever- Flu-like symptoms that can come and go
    • Sensitivity to light and vision changes- Bright indoor light may feel uncomfortable or even blinding

    Here are a few of the Vector-Borne Disease tests we offer:

    Lyme Disease antibody, Total and IgM:

    This blood test is used in the diagnosis of acute(recent) or chronic infections with Lyme disease

    Rocky Mountain  Spotted Fever:

    Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever  (RMSF) is a bacterial disease which is spread through tick bites

    Bee and Stinging Insect Allergy:

    This blood test looks for allergic reactions to the venom of several types of stinging insects including Honeybee, Hornet, Bumblebee, Yellow Jackets and Wasps.

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    *Discount coupon code cannot be applied to industry discounted prices, previous orders, or tests not listed on our website. One coupon code per order.

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