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Request A Test offers an affordable selection of lab tests, including military blood tests, which can be used to assess the health of military personnel or those aspiring to join the military. Testing is convenient with hundreds of military lab test locations across the U.S., and many tests see results in as little as one business day. Order military blood tests online, or any of our other testing options, or contact Request A Test with any questions.


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Discount Military Lab Test Panels

Military enrollment or deployment often requires multiple military lab tests to assess overall health. Request A Test's discounted panels are a great way to take a combination of tests with extra savings. Choose the panel that works best for you and go to the lab the same day. Select Request A Test for your military blood test online needs, or for any other necessary test.

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Individual Military Blood Tests and more

Choose from testing for blood type, STDs, immunity, and more below. Order your military deployment blood tests online today, go to the blood testing lab at your convenience, and get results fast. We look forward to helping you to serve our country

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Blood Type

ABO Grouping & RHO Typing

G6PD (Glucose 6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase)

G6PD, Quantitative, Blood and Red Blood Cell Count (RBC)

HIV 1 & 2 4th Gen Antigen Antibody, Blood

4th Generation Blood Test, Antibody and P24 Antigen, Routine Screening

Hepatic Function

Liver Function, Liver Enzyme, LFT

Hepatitis A Total (IgM - IgG)

Acute and Remote Exposure, Immunity Detection

Hepatitis B Surface Antibody

Hepatitis B Immunity Test, Hep B Titer

Lipid Panel

Cholesterol Test, Lipid Test, FLP

MMR Immunity

Measles, Mumps, Rubella, MMR Antibodies, MMR Titer

Order Military Blood Tests Online Today!

If you’re searching for military lab tests, Request A Test has a variety of options for you to choose from. We strive to make it easy and convenient for you to order military blood tests online, along with a whole span of other tests for specific purposes.

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