Home STD Tests Pros and Cons

At Home STD Tests: Pros and Cons

April 26, 2024

Jason Ferrier

What are the pros and cons of home STD testing?

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are around 20 million new STD infections each year.  Many STDs such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV will show mild symptoms or no symptoms at all in their early stages.  This makes it difficult for someone to realize their health is at risk and easy to spread the infections to others.  Identifying STIs early is often the key to successful treatment and avoiding long-term health complications.  In many cases, the most effective way to do this is by getting an STD test.  Unfortunately, for some people getting to a doctor or clinic may be easier said than done.  Home STD testing offers a convenient alternative, but this type of testing can come with some drawbacks people may not be aware of.

What are the benefits of At-Home STD testing?

As STD cases have surged, the popularity of at-home STI testing has grown.  Testing this way offers privacy, convenience, and an affordable option to people without insurance or easy access to a healthcare provider.  Home testing also helps to avoid the discomfort some people may feel discussing their sexual health with a doctor.  Home STD testing kits can be purchased at most pharmacies or ordered online.  They require collecting a sample, either blood, urine, or an oral or genital swab.  The specimen is mailed in and once tested, results are provided by mail, phone, or online.

What are the downsides of At-Home STD testing?

While many at-home test kits claim to have a high degree of accuracy, their reliability depends on several factors.  Collecting a sample correctly is vital to getting accurate results and if someone does not follow the instructions properly the integrity of their specimen may be compromised.  There is also the issue that there are a variety of kits manufactured by a number of different companies.  If the manufacturer or the facility performing the testing does not follow proper regulations or guidelines for specimen handling, the validity of the results may be in question.  False-positive results can cause undue stress and confusion. False-negative results can be even more serious. This means the infection will go untreated and may impact that person’s health and that of their partners.  Undiagnosed STIs can lead to infertility, cervical cancer, and difficult pregnancies, and may be passed from pregnant mothers to their infants.

How to get STD testing without a doctor’s order

Whether the limitations of at-home STD testing outweigh the convenience is a decision to be made by each individual.  Fortunately, there is an alternative that provides many of the benefits of at-home testing while also offering the accuracy and reliability of having one’s specimen collection and testing performed by the largest certified laboratory companies in the United States.  For over 20 years Request A Test has provided direct-to-consumer STD testing as well as many other types of lab tests.  There is no need to schedule a doctor’s visit and no insurance is required.  A person can order the tests they need online from the comfort of their home and pick a lab site in their area.  There are over 4,000 collection sites to choose from across the US.  Many accept walk-ins or have appointments available with little to no notice.  Results are provided through your secure online account and most tests see results in just a few business days.  Test prices are discounted, and a number of packages are available that bundle multiple tests for an additional discount.  Request A Test provides the convenience, affordability, and privacy of at-home testing along with the confidence of knowing your specimen handling and testing are being performed by the same professionals utilized by doctors and hospitals.

Where can I get a private low-cost STD test near me?

If you are looking for an affordable convenient way to take charge of your sexual health, Request A Test is the answer.  We are committed to empowering individuals to order their own lab testing in a way that is quick, easy, and won’t break the bank.  There’s no need to rely on unproven testing methods.  Our partnership with 2 of the largest lab companies in the US means you can rest assured your testing is being handled by professionals every step of the way.  If you are concerned about an STD, don’t wait.  Order online or call our team at 888-732-2348.  We’re ready to help you by discussing testing options so you can pick the tests that are right for you.  Choose to take the first step on your health journey today with Request A Test.



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