Request A Test Celebrates their Anniversary with 11% Off all Testing this December

December 1, 2013

This December Request A Test is celebrating their 11th anniversary.  To commemorate this special event, customers will be able to save 11% on every test and package Request A Test currently offers for the entire month of December.  To take advantage of this unique discount, just use promo code ANNIV11 when placing any testing order online or over the phone.  Request A Test is a leading national provider of direct to consumer lab testing.  Since 2002, they have been offering their clients secure, affordable, and convenient medical testing.  Request A Test partners with 2 of the largest CLIA certified labs in the country to provide the same testing commonly ordered by doctors and hospitals.  Customers can choose from a wide variety of testing options in categories such as STD, general wellness, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases, immunity, prenatal, allergy and drug testing.  Through Request A Test, anyone can order the testing they need whenever they need it without having to first schedule a doctor's visit or get approval from an insurance provider.  The ability to order their own lab testing lets people take charge of their health and monitor risk factors they are concerned about.  Results from these tests can help a person work with their doctor to determine what their best course of action is.   

It's easy for people to forget the importance of preventative lab testing.  But even when a person is seemingly healthy, they can benefit from getting periodic lab tests to check for health concerns they may not be aware of.  Common lab tests such as those which provide measurements related to cholesterol levels, kidney & liver function, and vitamin levels can alert people to potential health risks that can cause serious complications if not identified and addressed.  Getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STD's) is an important health measure that can not only make sure a person gets the proper treatment as early as possible but avoids spreading infectious diseases to others.  It is common for many STD's to show ambiguous symptoms or no symptoms at all.  Getting tested is often the easiest way to determine if a person may have had an exposure that puts their health at risk.  Protecting your health is important and ordering your own testing is a great first step that anyone can take for themselves. 

"We're thrilled to be celebrating eleven years of helping people get access to high quality, affordable lab testing," says Noelle Perez, founder and president of Request A Test.  "This special discount is the first time we are offering our customers a chance to save on every test we have available.  We hope this gives lots of people the opportunity to get tested and save."

With eleven years behind them, Request A Test continues to be devoted to providing the most comprehensive selection of direct to consumer lab tests with the highest quality of service.  This December, save 11% on every test they offer with promo code ANNIV11.  To find out more about the services provided by Request A Test or to place and order, go to / or call 1-888-732-2348 to speak to a representative.         

About Request A Test

Request A Test is a national lab testing service operating on the edict that knowledge is power.  They are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, same-day testing, no hidden fees and an informative, easy to use website.  Request A Test is partnered with two of the largest certified laboratories in the country to ensure that clients receive affordable and accurate information in a high quality, professional setting.