Request A Test offers 10% off of CRP Testing in January 2013

January 15, 2013

This January, Request A Test, a national provider of affordable direct to consumer lab testing, is offering their customers 10% off of any lab testing order from the General Wellness category when they use discount code GWELL10.  This discount can be applied to a number of popular testing options including the High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Test.  This test has recently been recognized by the medical community as very useful in the identification of a significant risk factor for heart disease.  Elevated CRP levels can cause a person to suffer cardiac events such as a heart attack even if they do not suffer from traditional warning signs like high cholesterol.  Request A Test offers the CRP test by itself or as part of several cost saving packages such as the Comprehensive Heart Health Panel.  Ordering lab testing is a great way for people to take charge of their health.  Lab tests like the High Sensitivity CRP can make people aware of potential health issues that they need to discuss with their healthcare provider. 

Heart disease is one of the largest health problems facing the United States today.  One in four deaths is attributed to heart disease making it the leading cause of death in this country.  Identifying whether you are at risk for heart disease is an important step in protecting your health.  The High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein Test measures the level of a protein which increases when inflammation or swelling is present in the body.  Arterial swelling can lead to the development of cardiovascular disease or the sudden onset of heart attack or stroke.  This form of swelling can be present even in a person who shows no warning signs from other blood tests such as a Lipid Profile (cholesterol test).  While the link between CRP and heart disease has only been recently established, study results have lead many in the medical community to endorse this test as a useful measure in preventive heart health.  Public awareness of the dangers posed by elevated CRP levels has been increased thanks in part to the endorsement of the High Sensitivity CRP Test by television’s Dr. Oz who has recommended the test on his show.  As further clinical tests continue to confirm the connection between inflammation and heart complications, the High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein Test is becoming recognized as an essential part of general health lab testing.

Request A Test wants everyone to start the new year by taking steps to monitor their health.  Tests like the High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein test provide valuable information that can help a person work with their doctor to determine the best ways to protect their health and avoid future complications.  Customers wishing to order the High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein test can do so online at or call 1-888-732-2348.  Lab testing orders can be placed in just a few minutes and many tests will see results in as little as one business day.  Be sure to order by January 31st and save 10% by using promo code GWELL10 when ordering the CRP or any other tests from the general wellness category.

About Request A Test

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