Request A Test Offers $10 off of Tuberculosis Testing this March

March 1, 2013

This March, Request A Test, a leading national provider of direct to consumer lab testing, is offering $10 off of lab testing for Tuberculosis.  To take advantage of this discount, patients just need to use promo code TBTEST10 when placing their order.  Many Americans may consider Tuberculosis (TB) and outdated disease, but the risk of TB infection is still a serious health concern.  While higher standards for healthcare in the US have allowed for TB infections to be controlled and minimized, nearly one third of the world’s population is currently infected with TB.  In many cases, the TB bacteria can be present in a person’s body even if they are not experiencing an active infection.  These latent infections can develop into active Tuberculosis at any time and threaten the health of the infected person as well as those around them.  The key to avoiding outbreaks of this disease lies solely in identifying and treating infections before they have a chance to spread.  A simple blood test can help to identify the presence of TB bacteria.  Request A Test offers the QuantiFERON-TB Gold blood test, one of only two Tuberculosis blood tests approved by the FDA.  This test along with hundreds of other affordable lab testing options can be ordered by anyone without the necessity of scheduling a doctor’s appointment or going through an insurance provider.  Ordering is quick and easy and patients can choose from 1000’s of convenient lab locations.  Results are provided quickly and securely.  With discounted TB testing during the month of March, there’s no better time to get tested and ensure your health is not at risk.         

Tuberculosis is a bacterial disease.  It is spread from one person to another through the air.  Common symptoms of TB include fever, night sweats, cough, and unexplained weight loss.  It is important to remember that a latent Tuberculosis infection can show no symptoms at all.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends TB testing for people who are at a high risk for exposure to TB bacteria as well as anyone who is experiencing symptoms.  Those at a higher risk include people who have spent time with a person who has TB, those with conditions which weaken their immune system such as HIV, people from countries where TB is common, illegal drug users, and people who work in places such as homeless shelters, prisons, or nursing homes.  A blood test such as the QuantiFERON-TB Gold can identify the reaction of a person’s immune system to TB bacteria.  A positive result for this test should be followed up with the patient’s doctor.  Additional tests may be prescribed to determine if the infection is latent or active.  Skin testing is available for TB but the blood test has several advantages.  Blood testing can be performed with a simple lab visit, while a skin test requires at least two visits to a doctor.  Skin testing may show a false positive if a person has been previously vaccinated for TB while a blood test is more accurate in that situation.

Identification and treatment are vital to preventing the spread of TB.  As recently as 25 years ago, there was an outbreak of Tuberculosis in New York City, because proper attention was not being paid to maintaining preventive measures.  Ordering a blood test is a simple way to ensure that this infectious disease is not a danger to your health.  “This March, Request A Test wants to remind people that diseases like Tuberculosis are kept in check by preventive measures like regular blood testing,” says Noelle Perez, founder and president of Request A Test.  “Our convenient lab testing service is a great way for anyone who thinks they may be at risk for infectious diseases to get checked.  I hope people take advantage of this opportunity to order the QuantiFERON-TB test and save even more off of our already discounted pricing.”  

This March, be sure to use promo code TBTEST10 when placing an order for Tuberculosis testing to save $10.  Hurry, this offer expires March 31, 2013.

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