Request A Test offers New Alcohol ETG Test

July 16, 2014

Request A Test, a leading national provider of direct to consumer lab testing, has added the Alcohol ETG Urine Test to their online testing menu.  ETG or Ethyl Glucuronide is a metabolite of alcohol.  Urine testing for ETG has become a popular way for individuals or employers to screen for recent alcohol use.  ETG can more accurately detect alcohol use in the past several days that a regular alcohol test can.  The ETG test, along with a variety of other drug testing options can be ordered from Request A Test by anyone without having to schedule a doctor's appointment or go through an insurance company.  With affordable pricing and 1000's of lab locations across the country, Request A Test makes it easy for everyone to get the testing they need.   

ETG is short for Ethyl Glucuronide.  It is a metabolite that is produced in the body after alcohol (ethanol) is consumed.  Testing for ETG is often required for people who are in alcohol treatment programs or on probation related to drug or alcohol use.  This type of testing may also be periodically  required for employees in the healthcare industry or professional drivers.  Using ETG as a marker for alcohol use eliminates some of the potential problems with just testing for alcohol.  Whereas alcohol  is typically only detectable for several hours after use, ETG can be detected in urine for an average of several days.    Alcohol will sometimes be detected in a urine specimen even if a person has not consumed alcohol if that specimen contained sugars (such as in samples taken from diabetics) or yeast (present in some types of infections) due to a natural fermentation process which occurs in the sample.  ETG will not be detectable in these cases since the alcohol in these samples was not metabolized by the liver.  There is the possibility for a positive results for ETG when a person has had exposure to products which contain alcohol even if they have not had an alcoholic beverage.  The use of products such as mouthwash, cough syrup and some medications which contain alcohol can result in the production of ETG.  It is generally recommended that people who know they are required to test for alcohol abstinence avoid the use of these products to ensure their test results are not affected.  It is important to note that while an ETG test can be used to detect if a person has recently imbibed alcohol it cannot tell exactly how long ago a person drank or how much alcohol they had.  Factors such as a person's metabolism can affect how much ETG they produce and how quickly they excrete it.

Request A Test strives to serve its clients' needs by providing the most comprehensive selection of direct to consumer lab tests.  The addition of the new Alcohol ETG test gives customers another option to fulfill their drug testing requirements.  To see more information about this and other available drug tests, customers can go to the Drug Testing category on Request A Test's website.  To place an order or for information about any of the services provided by Request A Test, just go to / or call 1-888-732-2348.      

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