Save 10% on General Wellness Testing During October 2013

October 1, 2013

This October Request A Test, a leading national provider of direct to consumer testing, wants to remind people of the importance of taking care of their health.  With the year drawing to a close and the holiday season just ahead, this is a great time to focus on a little preventative healthcare before other things demand our attention.  For the month of October Request A Test is offering 10% off all testing from the General Wellness category.  Customers can use promo code GWELL10 when ordering online or over the phone to save.  These tests include common health screenings that are great for identifying potential health problems before they get serious.  Popular tests like the Complete Blood Count (CBC), Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP), and Lipid Panel Cholesterol Test can be ordered by anyone without the need to schedule a doctor's appointment or go through an insurance company.  These tests and many other are available individually or in cost saving packages like our Basic Wellness Panel or Ultimate Wellness Panel.  Customers can choose from 1000's of convenient lab locations across the country and many tests see results in as little as one business day. 

It can be easy to forget about the importance of preventative healthcare when we are feeling healthy.  It's also easy to ignore small warning signs that something may be wrong because our lives are too busy to worry about our health.  But identifying health risks early can help them be treated or avoided through lifestyle changes.  Periodic testing to check for things like high cholesterol , vitamin levels, or healthy organ functions can go a long way towards making people aware of factors that need to be addressed before they become dangerous or even life threatening conditions.  Plus, regular testing can give everyone that peace of mind of knowing they are taking care of themselves.  There are a number of common lab tests that are generally recommended for both men and women to be taken periodically.  A Lipid Panel  is the most common test for measuring a person's total cholesterol as well as important values like LDL, HDL, and triglycerides.  A Glucose or blood sugar test can assess a person's risk for developing Diabetes.  A Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy test measures an important vitamin which can help prevent a number of illnesses.  A Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Test (TSH) measures thyroid function.  An over or underactive thyroid can lead to a number of complications.  A Complete Blood Count (CBC) can help to identify a wide range of blood disorders.  The Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) is a useful tool for evaluating kidney and liver function as well as the body's electrolytes.  Tests like these can be very helpful in identifying risk factors that a person and their doctor may need to monitor.

"Taking care of your health is always important," says Noelle Perez, founder and president of Request A Test.   "We hope this special savings opportunity will remind everyone to put a little extra focus on taking care of themselves before they get too caught up in other concerns around the holiday season."

The 10% savings applies to all tests in the General Wellness category on Request A Test's website.  Remember to order by Oct. 31st 2013 to take advantage of this promotion.  Customers who wish to place an order or get more information on any of the services provided by Request A Test can go online to / or call 1-888-732-2348 to speak to a representative.

About Request A Test

Request A Test is a national lab testing service operating on the edict that knowledge is power.  They are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, same-day testing, no hidden fees and an informative, easy to use website.  Request A Test is partnered with two of the largest certified laboratories in the country to ensure that clients receive affordable and accurate information in a high quality, professional setting.

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