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Galectin 3 Test in Irving, Texas

Same day and Affordable Galectin 3 Test, Locations Nationwide

Request A Test offers the convenient and affordable Galectin 3 Test in Irving, TX. This test measures levels of Galectin 3 in the blood. Galectin 3 is a protein which studies have shown to be correlated with risk of heart failure. In many cases, people with increased levels of Galectin 3 have a higher likelihood of experiencing chronic heart failure. Testing for Galectin 3 can help a person's doctor identify and treat people at higher risk in order to lower their likelihood of developing serious and possibly fatal heart conditions. It can also help to monitor people who have been diagnosed with heart failure to see how well they are responding to their medication. It is important to note that Galectin 3 is just one biomarker for heart failure. 

Galectin 3 has also been linked to some types of cancer. In some cases, measuring Galectin 3 levels can help monitor the progression of a person's cancer as well as determine an effective treatment.


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Online tests from Request A Test are easy to order, affordable, and reliable. No matter where you are located or what you are in need of a medical test for, Request A Test is likely to have diverse options and locations to meet your needs. Be sure to reach out to our team if you have any questions and we’ll be able to assist you!


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