TB testing for Ukrainian refugees

TB Testing for Ukrainian Refugees

July 22, 2022

Jason Ferrier

TB Testing for Ukrainian Refugees

Due to the ongoing conflict with Russia, many citizens of Ukraine have been forced to relocate.  The United States has committed to welcoming at least 100,000 displaced Ukrainians in the coming months.  Thousands are already booking their travel as they prepare to join friends or family in the US.  Already over 20,000 American supporters have volunteered to sponsor and support incoming Ukrainian refugees.  Before they can enter the country, refugees must undergo background checks and fulfill certain medical requirements. Under the Uniting for Ukraine program, the Department of Homeland Security has outlined the following requirements for incoming Ukrainian citizens.  

What tests are required for Ukrainian Refugees?

People coming from Ukraine to the United States are required to show that they have been vaccinated for infectious diseases including measles, polio, and COVID-19.  Vaccinations for measles, polio, and COVID-19 are being facilitated by the World Health Organization for those who need them.  In some cases, documentation of protective antibody levels will be accepted for those who have already been vaccinated.  New arrivals will also have up to 2 weeks to complete a tuberculosis screening.  At this time an interferon-gamma release assay (IGRA) such as the Quantiferon Gold is the required test methodology.  These types of requirements are standard protocol for people in refugee and immigration programs and public health officials across the country are working to provide resources to those who need them.

How to order TB blood testing

Request A Test offers a quick convenient option for lab testing including the Quantiferon TB test and titers for MMR, Polio, and more.  Anyone who needs lab testing can order directly from our online testing menu or call to place an order with our team.  Orders do not require a doctor’s visit or approval from insurance and can be sent to the lab in as little as a few hours.  We work with over 4,000 lab locations across the US so finding a lab in most major cities is no problem.  If you need a fast option for ordering testing, Request A Test is here to help.

For more information on the Uniting for Ukraine program, please see the Department of Homeland Security website.

Quantiferon TB  Blood Test

Measles Titer

MMR Titer

Polio Titer

Immunity Titer Panel (MMR, Varicella, and Hepatitis B)

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