Hemoglobin A1C Test (hba1c test)

Hemoglobin A1C Test (hba1c test)

How it Works

Hemoglobin A1C Test (hba1c test)

The hemoglobin A1C test, also known as the HbA1c test, glycated hemoglobin test, or glycohemoglobin, is a blood test typically used to diagnose diabetes or evaluate diabetes treatment.  This test measures the glucose in your blood over the last 2-3 months.  Hemoglobin is found in red blood cells and helps to carry oxygen throughout the body.  When blood sugar is too high, sugar builds up in the blood and combines with hemoglobin becoming glycated.  The hemoglobin A1C test (hbA1c test) measures the average level of glucose in the blood.  The results of this test can determine if a person has diabetes or how well a person with diabetes is controlling their blood sugar.      


An easy, affordable Hemoglobin A1C test (Hba1c test)

At Request a Test, we have access to labs all over the country.  We use the same testing facilities that are employed by many hospitals and physicians for their testing needs.  All of our labs operate on a walk-in basis so there is no need to schedule appointments.  Ordering your hemoglobin A1C test (hba1c test) with us eliminates the need to go through your doctor or insurance.  Our hemoglobin A1C test (hba1c test) is always reasonably priced with no hidden fees. 


Types of Hemoglobin A1C tests (Hba1c tests)

The hemoglobin A1C with eAG test is conducted with a blood sample and typically sees results the next business day.  This test includes a measurement for estimated average glucose (eag).  The hemoglobin A1C test is also included in our diabetes panel which includes a glucose test and our comprehensive plus heart health panel.  For pricing and more information about these and other tests available in our diabetes testing category, please go to http://requestatest.com/diabetes-testing.


Symptoms of high blood sugar

High blood sugar can be an indicator of diabetes or an increased risk for diabetes.  For those who have already been diagnosed with diabetes, high blood sugar may indicate a need for a change in treatment.  Symptoms of high blood sugar can include increased thirst coupled with an increased need for urination, fatigue, blurred vision, and slow healing infections.  It’s important to note that high blood sugar and diabetes do not always display the same or any symptoms.  The absence of symptoms is not a reason to avoid receiving a hemoglobin A1C test (hba1c test).


Who should get a Hemoglobin A1C test (Hba1c test)?

People with diabetes are typically directed by their doctors to receive regular hemoglobin A1C tests (hba1c tests).  Those who have risk factors for diabetes such as being overweight, or having a family history of diabetes should consider receiving periodic hemoglobin A1C tests (hba1c tests).   


Why get a Hemoglobin A1C test (Hba1c test)?

Early diabetes often shows no symptoms.  Diagnosis through a hemoglobin A1C test (hba1c test) can help to avoid health complication caused by untreated diabetes.  Diabetes that is left untreated can result in heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, nerve damage, increased risk of cancer, and death.  The hemoglobin A1C test (hba1c test) can be used to determine if a person’s current treatment for diabetes is effective.  A high hba1c result may indicate a need to discuss alternative treatment options with your doctor. 


When to get a Hemoglobin A1C test (Hba1c test)

Those who are using hemoglobin A1C tests (hba1c tests) to monitor their blood sugar as part of their diabetes treatment should consult with a doctor to determine how often testing is needed.  Typically, this test should be taken every 2-3 months for those who are working to control blood sugar and less often once blood sugar is under control. 


Where can I get a Hemoglobin A1C test (Hba1c test)?

Request A Test contracts with 2 of the largest labs in the United States to provide you with 1000s of lab collection centers nationwide.  When you order your hemoglobin test (hba1c test) with us, we will find the lab location that is most convenient for you.  Once your order is complete, you can go to the lab at any time during their business hours.  To find the lab location nearest to you or to view a complete list of available lab locations, please go to our Location Finder.      


Hemoglobin A1C test (Hba1c test) preparation

The hemoglobin A1C test (hba1c test) requires no fasting or special preparations. 


Hemoglobin A1C test (Hba1c test) procedure

Upon arrival at the lab, you will undergo a simple blood collection.


Hemoglobin A1C test (Hba1c test) accuracy

At Request a Test we use only nationally accredited labs with highly trained personnel and state of the art equipment to ensure the highest possible accuracy in your hemoglobin A1C test (hba1c test) results.


Hemoglobin A1C test (Hba1c test) results

The hemoglobin A1C test (hba1c test) typically sees results the next business day.  You will be notified by e-mail as soon as your results are available.  You can access your results online or call to speak to a representative.  Results can also be sent by fax or mail by special request.

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