How long do drugs stay in the hair?

How long do drugs stay in the hair?

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How long do drugs stay in the hair?

Hair Follicle drug testing is an effective method of screening for drugs of abuse.  When a person uses drugs, they are absorbed into their bloodstream.  Hair follicles are nourished by blood vessels so as the hair grows, the drugs in a person's system get into the hair.   Those substances remain in the hair until it is cut.  Testing a hair sample can give a much longer detection method than other common types of drug testing such as urine or blood.  Most standard hair tests look at the inch and half to two inches of hair closest to the root.  For most people, this is about 3 months' worth of hair growth so the test can tell if a person had drugs in their system in the past 90 days.

Can I get a Hair Follicle Drug Test Near me?

Request A Test works with 2 of the largest certified lab companies in the United States to offer testing at over 3600 locations.  If you need hair drug testing for work, school, probation, or just personal reasons, we are here to help.  We also work with companies who need to test their employees or candidates for pre-employment, post-accident, or random testing.  Getting a hair drug test could not be easier.  Just call us at 1-888-732-2348 to speak to a team member or order online at  You can order a test and go to the lab the same day.  All hair tests have a detection period of about 90 days to give you the longest detection period possible.  We also offer other drug tests for urine, blood, or saliva.  Whatever your drug testing needs, Request A Test has an affordable convenient solution. 

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