Payment Options

Payment Options / Refund Policy

Debit or Credit Card

American Express, Discover, Visa, or Mastercard. Billed as “Lab Request 1-888-732-2348.”  We require the card number, expiration date, and 3-4 digit security number. Cards linked to health savings account may be accepted. Call Request A Test for confirmation.

Money Order

Send the money order to Request A Test by mail and we will process your order upon receipt. We recommend that clients purchase some method of tracking to ensure delivery. 

Please mail to:

Request A Test
7027 Mill Road, Suite 201
Cleveland, OH 44141

Cash Deposit

For clients who have KeyBank branches in their state.  Please speak with one of our representatives regarding this option.

Visa Gift Card

Purchasing a Visa Gift card.

American Express Gift Card

Purchasing an American Express Gift card.

Refund Policy:

To cancel your order, you must submit your request by calling Request A Test 888-732-2348 or submitting your request via email .  Please allow 24-72 hours for us to process your request.

Refund Policy: For orders not redeemed at the laboratory.

1. From the payment date until 90 days, a full refund to the original form of payment.

2. After 90 days until 1 year from the date of payment, a credit for future testing is available.  Credit is not transferrable and must be used prior to 1 year of the initial order date.

3. Orders which are more than 1 year old are considered void, may not be redeemed for services and are no longer applicable for refunds or credits of any kind.