Syphilis Testing

Worried that you may have contracted Syphilis? Sitting back and doing nothing only puts your health - and possibly the health of others -- in danger. At Request A Test, we provide the Syphilis testing you need while fully ensuring your confidentiality.  Our Syphilis lab test service ensures accurate, confidential Syphilis testing results that are back before you know it ... within one to three days. Why take chances with your sexual health? Use Request A Test and find out for yourself why others have trusted their Syphilis test needs to our award winning company for over nine years.



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Discount Syphilis Packages

Our discounted testing packages make an affordable choice when you need to test for Syphilis and other STD's.  Choose a package that meets your needs and go to the lab the same day.  Most tests see results in as little as a few business days.

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Peace of Mind

Our most popular 10 panel STD & HIV testing package for remote exposures

Standard STD Panel #1

HIV 4th Gen, Herpes 2, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea

Upgraded Peace of Mind

Similar to our POPULAR Peace of Mind package with the addition of Hepatitis A Total and Trichomonas

Individual Syphilis Tests

Choose a Syphilis test and get peace of mind.  Affordable pricing and quick results so you can be confident in your sexual health.  Click on each test for more detailed information.

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