Celiac Testing

Celiac disease is a health issue which affects millions of people in the United States.  Many cases go undiagnosed which can lead to long-term complications.  Blood testing is a great first step in determining if a person suffers from Celiac.  All it takes is a simple blood draw and results of these tests may help avoid the need for more invasive testing methods.  Order individual tests or choose a discounted package to do multiple tests at once.  Request A Test is your source for affordable nationwide Celiac testing.



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Discount Celiac Disease Packages

A single test may not always provide enough information to identify Celiac Disease.  A combination of tests is often recommended for a more thorough screening.  Request A Test's affordable Celiac Testing Packages bundle multiple tests together for extra savings and convenience.  

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Celiac Disease Antibody Screen

Deamidated gliadin IgA; tissue transglutaminase IgA; serum IgA quantitation

Celiac Disease Complete Panel

Deamidated gliadin IgA & IgG, tissue transglutaminase IgA & IgG, serum IgA quantitation

Celiac Disease Complications Package

CBC, CMP, C-RP, ESR, Vit D, Vit B12 and Folates, Iron and TIBC, Ferritin

Celiac Disease Panel

Endomysial Antibody, Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) Antibody, Total IgA

Individual Celiac Tests

Per Celiac.org, one out of 133 people in the United States is affected by celiac disease. CD occurs in 5-15% of the offspring and siblings of a person with celiac disease.  Other conditions such as diabetes and autoimmune disorder increase the likelihood of developing Celiac.  Pick from our menu of individual Celiac tests to get started in protecting your health.  Testing is affordable and easy to order.     

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Celiac Genetic

Celiac Disease HLA DQ Association, HLA DQ2, HLA DQ8

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