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Does Vaping show up on drug tests?

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Does Vaping show up on drug tests?

Vaping has become the preferred method for many to imbibe nicotine and marijuana. However, just because vaping offers a different delivery method from traditional ways of smoking does not mean it can't cause you to fail a drug test.  THC and Nicotine in a person's system are still detectable by standard urine, blood, or hair drug tests.  If you are required to pass a drug test for probation, work, or school, do not make the mistake of thinking that vaping gives you a free pass.

Request A Test offers affordable drug tests for marijuananicotine, and many other types of drugs that anyone can order.  If you vape and are concerned about your ability to pass a drug test, ordering your own test can be a helpful way to check if you are clean or not.  For parents who are concerned that their children are vaping and want to test them, we have a Vaping Marijuana and Nicotine package.  We also offer a comprehensive Vaping package which includes marijuana, nicotine, synthetic cannabinoid (spice, K2), and CBD. We work with over 3600 lab locations across the US to provide convenient collection sites in most areas.  Whatever your situation, Request A Test is ready to help you with our extensive menu of urine, blood, and hair drug tests.


Why choose us for your vaping drug test?

  • Since 2002, we have a proven track record of offering excellent customer serviceaffordable pricing with no hidden fees, and our enduring commitment to protect your personal information.

  • No doctor's order? (No problem!) Our national physician network provides the required doctor's order for the lab. Insurance is not needed to order lab testing nor will your insurance company be billed.

  • We are partnered with two of the largest CLIA certified labs in the US, to offer you the latest lab testing technology with prompt and accurate results. (These are the same labs used by hospitals and physicians.)

  • With over 3,600 lab locations to choose from and same day collection, we make lab testing quick and convenient. No appointment is needed. Find your local lab with our location finder.

  • We offer an extensive and detailed test menu. Ordering can be done online or over the phone. Not finding a test? Simply give us a call.


convenient affordable drug test at your request. Request A Test is here to help.

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