Herpes Testing

Think you may have been exposed to Herpes but are too embarrassed to seek out medical advice?  Even if you haven't experienced any symptoms, you may still be infected. With over 15 years of experience in herpes testing, Request A Test offers one of the most comprehensive selections of Herpes blood tests available. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that your Herpes testing results will be private and confidential. Don't entrust your Herpes testing status to just anyone -- or worse, no one at all.



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Discount Herpes Packages

Get more for your money with Request A Test's discounted Herpes testing packages.  A single Herpes test may always be the most accurate option.  Combine multiple tests into one and get the knowledge you need faster so you can have peace of mind.

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Essential STD Panel

HIV Antigen/Antibody, Hep B Panel, Hep C, Herpes 1&2, 7 panel

Peace of Mind

Our most popular 10 panel STD & HIV testing package for remote exposures

Upgraded Peace of Mind

Similar to our POPULAR Peace of Mind package with the addition of Hepatitis A Total and Trichomonas

Individual Herpes Tests

View a selection of individual Herpes testing options available at reasonable prices. With Request A Test's comprehensive Herpes testing options, you're sure to find the exact test you need.

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