Lab Tests Illinois

Direct to Consumer Lab Testing and Blood Testing in Illinois

Are you looking for rapid, discreet and affordable direct to consumer lab testing and blood testing in Illinois? Request A Test is for you.

Founded in 2002, Request A Test operates under the edict that "knowledge is power." Our mission is to provide outstanding customer service and to empower our customers with the information they need to make smart decisions about their health.

Beyond our comprehensive testing options, we want our customers to feel informed about general disease information, incubation periods, testing requirements and pricing information. We guarantee you no hidden fees or information, an easy to use website, precise results and a straightforward, no frills testing process.

Simply order your test online, go to a lab near you and get your results.

For direct to consumer lab testing and blood testing that’s faster and more affordable than going to the doctor’s office and just as accurate, visit our website to find testing centers in Illinois near you.

Early detection is crucial to avoid long-term health complications. For more information on our services and locations, please use our website or contact us today.