Immunity Testing

Request A Test offers a large selection of affordable Immunity Lab Testing to help verify your immune status to a number of common infectious diseases.  These tests can help fulfill requirements to students or employees in fields such as the medical industry.  We offer individual tests or packages which combine multiple tests for an additional discount.  Click on each test or package name for additional information.



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Discount Immunity Packages

Our discount Immunity test packages combine multiple tests for even more savings.  Pick the package that meets your needs and order today.  with 1000's of lab locations across the US, it's never been so easy to take charge of your health.

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Individual Immunity Tests

Choose from a variety of immunity tests to meet your specific testing needs.  Click on each test for a more detailed description.  Order and go to the lab the same day.  Most tests see results in just a few business days.

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Diphtheria Titer

Diphtheria Antitoxoid Antibody, Diphtheria Toxin Antibody

Tetanus Titer

Tetanus Antitoxoid Antibody, Tetanus Toxin Antibody