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Galectin 3 Test in Irvine, California

Same day and Affordable Galectin 3 Test, Locations Nationwide

Request A Test offers the convenient and affordable Galectin 3 Test in Irvine, CA. This test measures levels of Galectin 3 in the blood. Galectin 3 is a protein which studies have shown to be correlated with risk of heart failure. In many cases, people with increased levels of Galectin 3 have a higher likelihood of experiencing chronic heart failure. Testing for Galectin 3 can help a person's doctor identify and treat people at higher risk in order to lower their likelihood of developing serious and possibly fatal heart conditions. It can also help to monitor people who have been diagnosed with heart failure to see how well they are responding to their medication. It is important to note that Galectin 3 is just one biomarker for heart failure. 

Galectin 3 has also been linked to some types of cancer. In some cases, measuring Galectin 3 levels can help monitor the progression of a person's cancer as well as determine an effective treatment.


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  • Our team has been providing first-rate service since 2002.
  • We provide affordable test pricing with no hidden fees, and a dedication to keeping personal information protected and secure.
  • There’s no problem if you don’t have a doctor’s order for a test, our national physician network will provide the necessary doctor’s order.
  • No approval from an insurance provider is necessary.
  • We’re fortunate to be partnered with two of the largest CLIA-certified labs within the United States, the same labs  Hospitals and doctors throughout the country use.
  • Our customers receive fast and reliable results.
  • When you choose us, you’ll gain access to over 3,600 lab locations along with same-day collection, all to ensure a fast and easy process.
  • We provide an extensive and detailed test menu with comprehensive lab and drug test offerings.
  • You can contact us by phone or online to place an order. And if you are having trouble finding a test, just give us a call.


Request A Test features no hidden pricing, no hidden fees, and no hidden information. We strive to offer nationwide affordable lab testing for our customers while helping them to maintain their own medical privacy and advocacy. Additionally, we are a proud Better Business Bureau member with numerous years’ worth of documented outstanding service.


Choose Request A Test for your Galectin 3 Test needs and see why our service is the best

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