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If you're seeking rapid, accurate, and affordable online HIV testing, you've come to the right place. At Request A Test, we offer a comprehensive selection of HIV lab tests, to suit your needs. Get results in as little as 1-2 business days and access your results through your private online profile. Explore our options below to find the right direct-to-consumer HIV test for you. You can count on Request A Test for your affordable, confidential HIV lab testing.


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We Offer Quick HIV Test Panels at a Discount

At Request A Test, our online HIV testing panels allow you to order HIV and other STD testing at a discounted price. Choose the panel that fits your needs. Order HIV tests online and go to the lab the same day. Pick from thousands of lab locations nationwide.

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Individual Rapid HIV Tests

Ranging from routine screening to in-depth treatment monitoring, Request A Test strives to provide our clients with the most comprehensive, online HIV testing selection available. With a variety of options to choose from, we are dedicated to ensuring that our direct-to-consumer HIV tests are always affordable, quick, and confidential.

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Reach Out to Us for More Info on Our Direct-to-Consumer HIV Tests

If you’re looking for affordable, rapid HIV tests, Request A Test has a variety of online options for you to choose from. Whether you need routine screening or in-depth treatment monitoring, our direct-to-consumer HIV tests are always confidential. For more information on the selection of tests we offer, contact us today.

Can’t find the test you need? Additional testing is available. Please call Request A Test (888-732-2348) to inquire. 

We look forward to finding the right test for you!           direct-to-consumer HIV test