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If you are having symptoms that include nausea, gas, diarrhea, abdominal pain, cramping, or loss of appetite, you may benefit from an online stool test. Stool testing is an effective way to check for disorders, bacteria, viruses, or parasites that affect the digestive system, liver, and pancreas. Request A Test offers a variety of online stool tests at affordable prices that are easy for anyone to order. Choose from over 3,600 nationwide lab locations. Order an online stool test today or call 1-888-732-2348 to get started.


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Individual Stool Tests Online

Stay on top of your health with our stool tests online. Stool tests are conducted to check on potential cancer risks in your bowels, as well as warning signs for any gastrointestinal illnesses. These cheap stool tests detect infections and poor nutrient absorption. If you’re looking for a quick and affordable stool test, Request A Test is the best solution.

Not only do we offer online stool tests, but we supply a large variety of additional tests to meet any of your needs. We offer cheap online tests for nearly any category you’re looking for.



C Difficile

C Difficile Toxins A and B

Calprotectin, Stool

Calprotectin Fecal

Fecal Fat

Quantitative Fecal Fat, Fecal Lipids, Stool Fat


Giardiasis, Giardia Lamblia Direct Detection EIA

H Pylori, Stool

Helicobacter Pylori Stool Antigen, Campylobacter Pylori

Occult Blood, Fecal


Ova and Parasite, Stool

Parasitology Examination, O & P

Stool Culture

Salmonella, Shigella, E-Coli, Campylobacter

WBC, Stool

White Blood Cell Stool, Fecal Leukocyte Stain

Yersinia Culture, Stool

Yersinia enterocolitica, Yersiniosis

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If you’re looking for convenient health testing, Request A Test is the answer for you. With no appointment needed, you can place your orders online or over the phone. Once you order your test, it goes straight to the lab and then to you to receive your results. Your tests remain confidential throughout the entire process.

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