Pre-Employment Testing

This category includes tests that are commonly ordered by companies for employees or potential hires.  Titer immunity tests are often required for people entering the medical field or working in areas such as nursing homes or correctional facilities.  Drug testing is used by many companies to screen potential candidates or for random testing as part of a zero-tolerance workplace policy.  The tests and packages on this page are some of the most popular options for employer testing.  Additional testing options are available.  For a more comprehensive test list, please see our Drug Testing Category or Titer Immunity Testing Category.  If you are having difficulty finding the test you need or require assistance in selecting the correct test, please contact Request A Test at 1-888-732-2348.

Request A Test cannot guarantee which test(s) will meet a particular company's requirements.  If you are ordering your own test, we recommend that you check with your employer to verify which test is appropriate.



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Discount Pre-employment packages

Pre-employment packages bundle multiple tests together for additional savings.  Click on each package for more detailed information and a full listing of components to help ensure a package meets your requirements. 

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Individual Pre-employment Tests

Below is a selection of individual tests that are typically ordered by employers.  These include common selections such as drug screens and titer immunity tests.  If you do not see the test you are looking for there, please see our Drug Testing Category and Titer Testing Category for a full selection of available testing options.

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Diphtheria Titer

Diphtheria Antitoxoid Antibody, Diphtheria Toxin Antibody

Tetanus Titer

Tetanus Antitoxoid Antibody, Tetanus Toxin Antibody