Online Pre-Op Testing

An upcoming surgery may require pre-surgery blood or urine lab tests.  These tests can be helpful for your healthcare provider to assess the risk of complications as well as your general state of health prior to surgery. Pre-Op bloodwork is very individualized so Request A Test offers comprehensive panels of testing and also individual tests that are often a part of a pre-op screening. Let us help you take some of the stress off with fast results and hassle-free ordering.  

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Affordable Pre-Op Panels

Additional savings come with our Pre-Op testing panels.  A group of Pre-Op labwork is often recommended or requested by your doctor for a more thorough screening of your health.  Please note you do not have to have a doctor's referral to order any of our panels or individuals tests.

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Pre-Op (Surgery) Bloodwork Panel plus HIV


Pre-Op (Surgery) Bloodwork Panel plus HIV and Pregnancy

CBC, CMP, PT INR, PTT, HIV, Pregnancy

Pre-Op (Surgery) Bloodwork Panel plus Pregnancy and Urinalysis

CBC, CMP, PT INR, PTT, Pregnancy, Complete Urinalysis

Individual Pre-Op Tests Online

Any of the tests found in our Pre-Op testing panels can be ordered individually.  Choose from a variety of commonly ordered individual tests. See a detailed description of each test by clicking on the test name.  These tests serve many purposes which include finding out how well your blood clots, measuring the level of electrolytes in your blood that help regulate heart rhythms and other body functions, or checking for infection by measuring low red blood cell counts, just to name a few.  

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Blood Type

ABO Grouping & RHO Typing

C-Reactive Protein, High Sensitivity

CRP High Sensitivity, Cardio CRP

CBC with Differential

Complete Blood Count, CBC with Diff and Platelet, Hemogram

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

CMP, Chem Panel 14

HIV 1 & 2 4th Gen Antigen Antibody, Blood

4th Generation Blood Test, Antibody and P24 Antigen, Routine Screening

Hepatitis C Antibody

Remote exposure

Nicotine, Blood

Tobacco, Nicotine & Metabolite Quantitative

Nicotine Metabolite, Urine (Screen & Confirm)

Quantitative on Confirm, Cotinine

Partial Thromboplastin Time, Activated

PTT, aPTT, Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time

Pregnancy, Blood Qual

hCG, Qualitative

Pregnancy, Blood Quant

hCG, Quantitative

Pregnancy, Urine

hCG, Qualitative

Prothrombin Time (PT) with INR and Partial Thromboplastin Time (PTT)

Partial Thromboplastin Time (aPTT) and Prothrombin Time (PT); PT and aPTT; PT and PTT.A

Renal Function Panel

Kidney Function

Urinalysis (Complete)

UA Complete, Macroscopic & Microscopic Urinalysis

Urine Culture, Comprehensive

Urinary Tract Infection Test, UTI Test

Urine Culture, Routine

Midstream Urine Cullture, Urine Culture Routine Midvoid Specimen

Order Your Online Pre-Op Testing Today

Pre-Op Testing at Request A Test is quick and affordable. If you don't see what you are looking for call Request A Test (888)732-2348 with any of your questions.  Our customer service associates are happy to assist with making this part of your surgery as easy as possible.


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