Heavy Metals Testing

Heavy Metal toxicity can come from a variety of sources.  Environmental pollution and work in industrial settings can commonly cause exposure to a variety of hazardous substances which may affect your health over time.  If you enjoy visiting the firing range you may be at risk for lead exposure.  Even common household chemicals and cleaners may contain materials which can put your health at risk.  Heavy Metal testing is an easy way to check your blood or urine levels for a number of potentially hazardous substances.  Order today and choose from 1000's of convenient nationwide lab locations.  No doctor's referral or insurance required.  Just order, go to the lab and get peace of mind. 



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Request A Test offers a variety of blood and urine tests for Heavy Metals as well as other types of potentially dangerous minerals and chemicals.  Click on the test name to see a more detailed description.  Order one test or a combination of tests and take charge of your health today.

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